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Pugalia Woollen Mills double belt ovens are suitable for the production of nonwovens made of recycled fibres’ mixed by binders. The binders can be melting fibers like PP or Bico Pes (thermoplastic fibres) or phenolic powder ( thermosetting binder).

The thermobonding by thermoplastic fibres is used for nonwoven in the field of the insulating and mattresses industries. The thermobonding by thermosetting resin is used for nonwoven, for insulation, for automotive felts and for home appliances. For both the thermobonding process, that is with thermoplastic fibres or thermosetting resin, the oven project has the same technological principle

We are involved in offering a wide range of Thermobond Cotton Felt to our most valued clients. Our range of Cotton Felt is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. While producing we take care of the quality of the Cotton Felt and make sure that the products is up to the mark and highly effective and useful.

Main application areas are Automotive and mattress industry.

Because of the excellent properties and advantages wool felts are used in many different industries, for example for sealing purposes, as cushioning felt and as lubrication felt as well as for sound insulation in vehicles or as primer felt.

Product Specifications :

  • Item : Thermobond felt
  • Raw Material : Acrylic, Cotton + Low Melt fiber and 100% Polyester
  • GSM : 500 - 3000 GSM
  • Thickness : 5 mm to 30 mm
  • Roll Width : 1 meter to 2.5 meter
  • Color : Blue and Mixed Red
  • Capacity : 50 tons