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Neutral Felts

Wool Felts are fabrics made from natural fibers without use of any bonding elements. The compactness is arrived with the aid of chemical and mechanical application of heat, moisture and pressure.

NEUTRAL® Felts has been a major breakthrough achieved by in-house R & D initiatives of Pugalia Mills in their quest for bench marking all their products with the most advanced felt products available in the U.S. and European Felt markets.

Historically the process of neutralizing felts with fresh water washing/squeezing leaves acid traces in the felts which does not guarantee a 100% neutral product. This exposes the risk of traces of acid in the felts coming in contact with vulnerable Human Skin, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, softer metals, etc. To eliminate this risk, Pugalias have developed NEUTRAL® Felts which guarantee neutrality of the felt product manufactured by them.

NEUTRAL® Felts Specifications
Felt Rolls Thickness range 2 mm to 30 mm
Densitiy range 0.18 to 0.60 gm/ccm
Roll Width 1.50 to 2.00 mtrs
Roll Length 5 - 15 mtrs
PH 5 to 7