Mattress felt is a product manufactured and compounded by textile recycled materials, which are punctured, producing a nonwoven material, without weave or scheme. It is mostly utilized to isolate the foam from the spring inside of bedsand furniture, to provide higher durability and comfort. Other important uses of this material are noise or temperature isolation, systems of pipes, air conditioning, etc. It is also utilized to manufacture blankets for horse saddles.

With the support of our proficient workforce, we are regarded as one of the prominent manufacturers & exporters of Mattresses Felt. An exclusive range of felt material available with us is used for making mattress, rugs and camping beds. We thoroughly test these materials to ensure their softness, durability and longer life. Non Woven for Mattresses is available in various quality ranges at cost effective prices to meet huge demand of our patrons in the market.

In Pugalia Felt Facility, we manufacture too many different types of "FELT" as "HARD FELT", "ULTRA HARD FELT", "MEDIUM HARD FELT", "SOFT FELT (BLACK)", "JUTE FELT (FELT WITH JUTE BACKING)", "SOFT COTTON FELT (WHITE)", "HARD COTTON FELT(WHITE)", "ORIGINAL WOOL FELT" with different range of qualities, compositions and weights for Mattress and Sofa Manufacturers. Furthermore, Felt also can be manufactured according to required specifications by customers.

We have the ability of manufacturing “FELT” between 300 gram/m² - 2000 gram/m² with advanced and highest technology machinery production lines. Felts are manufactured by thermo bonding system. ( Bonding of fibers by low melt fibers like polypropylene or polyester bicomponent.)

Pugalia Felt can be supplied to the customers as a “Cutted Dimension” as well as a “Roll”. In Felts with Cutted Dimension, we have different range of dimensions and also dimensions of Cutted Felt can be arranged according to customer demands. Felts with Cutted Dimension are packed as a bale and the bales are wrapped with Jute Packing as 250 pcs. Felt in each bale. In Felts with Roll, the roll width can be arranged between 150 cm – 220 cm and the roll length can be arranged between 20 meter – 40 meter. We have also the ability of arranging roll width and roll length according to customer demands. The rolls are wrapped with HDPE Packing.

In Pugalia Felt Facility , we supply the highest quality "FELT" with checking for quality control at every manufacturing step in individual laboratories of each division.