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Pugalia Woollen Mills manufacturers a wide range of felt strip. Felt strip can be supplied plain or adhesive backed to aid in application. Felt strip can be supplied in a huge variety of grades and densities dependant on their application. Over the past few years Pugalia have invested heavily in new, state of the art, slitting equipment allowing them to produce felt strip for a vast range of different industries which include steel, construction, musical, electronics, and automotive trades.

Pugalia also has the facility to apply a self adhesive backing to any felt strip product we produce. Furthermore, felt can be supplied as strip in low, medium and high densities dependant on customer requirements. Felt is predominantly available in a white colour, but Natural Grey and black felt strips are also manufactured if requested. Our stripping facilities allow us to produce felt in coils to any given length and from widths of 3 mm upwards and thicknesses of up to 30 mm. Furthermore, most base materials are held in stock and therefore our felt strip products can be turned around immediately.

Cut to Specifications :

Our stripping is available in a variety of S.A.E. and DIN felt grades and materials. Simply provide us with your required dimensions and we will cut to your specifications.

Cut to Various Thicknesses :

Felt Stripping can be cut into 2 mm to 30 mm thicknesses for a variety of densities and materials. Felt stripping is available in 3 mm to 500 mm widths.

Adhesive Backing :

Felt stripping is also available in adhesive backing for a variety of felts. Self-adhesive felt rolls are most commonly used to protect delicate surfaces such as flooring, laminate, wood, floors and smooth surfaces on furniture to scratch. Specific transfer tape can be applied upon request.