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Wool Felt Sheets ( Felt Sheets, Felt Plates, Felt Blocks)

Pugalia Woollen Mills manufacture various types of wool felt plates as per the customer’s specifications and based on application. As an industry leader among global sheet felt suppliers, we offer multiple densities and thicknesses, as well as varying degrees of hardness to serve your specific sheet felt application requirements.

General Information :

Wool felt sheets consist of highly dense pressed felt. They’re manufactured from high quality natural wool fibers. These fibers are mechanically pressed using heat, moisture and pressure to achieve a specific wool content, density and thickness.

Most industrial felt goods come in roll form; however, due to its rigidity and high thickness sheet felt is typically sold in small plates of 1 meter x 1 meter size. To achieve this hardness, the sheet felt is processed to be narrower and shorter in length.

Composition Our felt sheets are generally manufactured by 100% natural wool. Wool Can be scoured, Merino and Carbonized.
Color We make industrial wool felt mainly in 2 colors that is Natural White and natural Brown.
-Light Grey
-Charcoal Grey
-Off White
Density We manufacturer felt rolls in the density ranges from 0.45 gm/ccm to 0.65 gm/ccm.
-Extra Hard
Thickness We manufacture Thickness from 6 mm to 40 mm in felt roll form.
Width Size of the felt sheets varies respective to thickness and density
1 meter x 1 meter
1.2 meter x 1 meter
1.5 meter x 1 meter
2.0 meter x 1 meter
Special size can be made on order.