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Wool felt Plug is a very useful felt component with various applications. We are one the well established manufacturer of wool felt plugs in India making this product from many years. Pugalia Woollen Mills is the foremost producers of felt plugs in the world. This is due to two prime advantages:
- Unlimited selection of wool felt and synthetic felts.
- State of the art converting capabilities with some of the largest and fastest machines available.

You can order felt plugs of most any density, any diameter, and any height. Our most popular densities and thickness in felt plugs are :

  • Soft felt plug - 0.18 to 0.22 gm/ccm - 18 mm to 20 mm
  • Medium felt plug - 0.25 to 0.30 gm/ccm - 18 mm to 25 mm
  • Firm felt plug - 0.30 to 0.38 gm/ccm - 18 mm to 25 mm

The most common application for a felt plug is for removing debris from the interior of steel tubing. An exciting new addition to our felt plug line combines felt and an abrasive material to scour and de-burr inside tubes. Felt wads are also used for gun barrel cleaning. Helps remove the black powder and unwanted residue that would hinder the accuracy of gunshot.

Our main customers of felt plugs included manufacturer of steel seamless tubes for nuclear application. Currently we are supplying this product to:

  • Sandvik Asia - India
  • Sandvik Group - Czech and France
  • Tubacex Spain
  • Salem Tubes INC – USA