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We manufacture and supply high quality felt gaskets for many industries and many different applications. Felt Gasket offered can be made available by us in different finish configuration choices to pick from so as to match up with the specific end process needs as demanded by the customers. Our expertise lies in making these gaskets available in different hardness, thickness, colors, densities. and other options to pick from. Some of its features include option of synthetic felts, woven or nonwoven felts among others; available with plain/adhesive-backing support; can be made available in die cut shapes as demanded by customers; choice of different thickness.

Felts due to its properties of elasticity ; absorption of the liquids and their release later on serves as an excellent reservoir for the thickest viscous liquids and has found large application as sealants in Railways, Kilns, electric motors for non-stop continuous working life. Its low frictional capabilities have made it popular in a large number of mechanical applications. Luminaries' seals are also popular for grade protection.

Industrial felt gaskets are generally made from two materials, wool or polyester or a combination of both. Wool is a versatile matted material enabling it the unique ability to cushion, retain its resilience under pressure and seal out dust and provides an excellent medium for carrying oil. The most common parts that felt is used for is: felt gaskets, seals, washers, strip, discs, spacers, vibration mounts, wipers, oil and grease retainers , dust and fuel filters and wicking pads.

Specifications :

Thickness: 2 mm to 20 mm

Color: White, Grey and Black

Color: Density: 0.16 to 0.45 gm/ccm