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Environment Friendly

Cleanliness begins at home. We at Pugalias firmly believe that it is not necessary to pollute the surroundings and the environment to be a viable felting unit. Some of the measures undertaken by us to achieve these goals are:


A functional Effluent Treatment Plant to process and neutralise the effluent water so that the same can be used for gardening.

Plantations :

Regular Plantations to help conserve mother Earth and keep environment cool

Employee with Headgear :

To protect the employee at the shopfloor

High Chimney :

The mast of the chimney has been built higher than the mandatory levels to avoid air pollution and warming in the adjoining areas

No Child Labour :

Pugalias does not employ any child labour in any of its activities. It actively supports their education.

Admin. Office: :

Natural surroundings, aesthetics to increase productivity and imparting a feel good effect to the environment.